Iowa Player Development Academy

Randy Brown, Coachrb
Ames, Iowa

Welcome to the Iowa Player Development Academy

There are many opportunities for players these days.
Every player and parent desires improvement and can choose among many options to increase skills and playing time.
Before you decide on how to invest your resources, consider these eight thoughts:
- Basketball, like any sport or successful venture, is rooted in fundamentals.
- Each fundamental is a brick and bricks are earned through hard work, listening, eye contact, understanding the game and excellent instruction.
- We help players see how each brick “fits” into the game for maximum benefit.
- Instructors are annually certified and rigorously prepare for their time of the court.
- Our quality coaching staff creates a positive experience and challenges players to make constant improvement through quality instruction.
- Instruction is the backbone of a quality program. A staff that has many years of success and exceptional experiences can make the difference.
- If it’s all about the kids, everything in the program should reflect it.
- Our efforts lead to helping young people become “Player Ready!”

The Iowa Player Development Academy was founded in 2007 and is one of the most respected teaching academies anywhere. Randy Brown and his instructors are totally committed to teaching the game of basketball the right way. Our goal is to ensure enjoyment of the game, provide a positive and challenging environment, and to help develop young people to become “Player Ready.”

Learning from one of the countries finest instructors and mentors. IPDA Leader Randy Brown

Coach Brown’s 36-year coaching career includes high school and college men’s coaching. Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson at Arizona, winner of the 1997 NCAA National Championship, mentored him. His coaching includes head coach at Division I Stetson University. He assisted at Arizona, Marquette, Miami OH, Drake, North Dakota, Stetson, and Iowa State.

He is known throughout the country as the #1 “coach mentor” for aspiring high school and college basketball coaches.

During his coaching career Randy participated in the NCAA Tournament five times, making the Elite Eight in 1999 with Iowa State University. He also helped coach five regular season conference champions at Iowa State, Miami of Ohio, and Arizona. Twelve NBA players benefitted from Coach Brown’s coaching.


- Where is IPDA held? Our instruction takes place at several central Iowa gyms.

- Can I do work one-on-one with Coach Brown? Absolutely.

- Can parents attend sessions? Yes, I recommend they attend anytime.

- Can I schedule group sessions if I have friends interested too? Yes, we work with groups also.

- What skills will we work on? Instruction is based on each player. We do not use a cookie cutter approach because all players are different and we design our instruction to be appropriate for each one.

- What is “Player Ready.” Player Ready is a six-brick approach to teaching the game the right way. Toughness, 90% rule, ball skills, defense, ebounding, and scoring are the bricks.

- What does IPDA cost? Fees are available on request.

- What special about IPDA and different from other programs? IPDA is rooted in the highest level of experience, organization, and commitment to teaching the game the right way. We use an evaluation tool to chart player’s improvement. We use videotape as an excellent tool to increase basketball IQ and view each other on tape. Journaling is a way to remember details of the instruction and learn visually.

- Did Coach Brown coach any NBA players? Yes, he has worked in college with twelve players that reached the NBA including Steve Kerr, head coach of he Golden State Warriors.

--How do I contact Coach Brown at IPDA? On my cell, 515-450-1966,

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