Fast Track Program

Have you ever said this.....
"I would do anything to be a college basketball coach, but where do I start?

The most asked question by coaches ever….
"How do I become a college basketball coach?"
Thousands of passionate coaches like you want the answer.

Where do I get advice?
Most never take the first step because they don't have anyone to help them or a successful system to plug into.

They say it’s not what you know but how you know
IF you don’t have a network yet, get ready to build a massive and deep network immediately.

What Makes Fast Track so Powerful?
--Fast Track is a user friendly five session online course that is taking the coaching community by storm. With four hours of time-tested advice, skills, and strategies, you will learn what great coaches took years to learn.
--Each session is recorded to allow for repeated viewing and knowledge retention. Convenient for your busy schedule.
--You’ll learn how to instantly build a massive coaching network with connections to the best NBA and NCAA coaches.
--Tap into CoachRB’s network of 1000’s and his experiences in college coaching for 18 years. His eight bosses have accumulated 3,076 victories in college, led by Hall of Famer Lute Olson of Arizona.
--Change your mind-set and get you motivated to actually become the college coach of your dreams.
--Join CoachRB’s mentoring Alumni that includes NBA coaches as well as NCAA Division I head and assistant coaches.
--Launch the career that thousands desire but never begin—with Fast Track you are on your way!
--One-time $99 fee with easy sign up so you can get started in minutes.,/p>

Fast Track Sessions

Session #1
Learn that the decision to step out in confidence will allow for an explosive start to your career.

Session #2
Acquire skills and strategies to build a large and deep coaching network that grows daily.

Session #3
Understand the power of branding as a way to set yourself apart from all other coaches. Your expertise will be coveted by everyone and makes you unique.

Session #4
How to find out about jobs before anyone else. Interviewing tactics preparation skills that will get you hired.

Session #5
Easy goal setting system that will maximize your time, become efficient, and shorted the path to your first job.

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