FAST TRACK to College Coaching

The popular step-by step course that will Launch Your Career into the College game.

Making the Biggest Decision of your Career

27 minutes
- How bad do you really want it?
- Many "say" they want it but few "go for it." Which one are you?
- Learn the steps to make the decision to "go for it" and why

Networking & Building a Coaching Tree

42 minutes
- Learn how 1, 2, and 3 degree relationships connect you to every college coach
- Learn how to build depth as well as size instantly
- How you can be offered jobs on the spot

Building Your Unique Coaching Brand

40 minutes
- Create a brand others will associate with instantly
- Learn how to become an expert separates you from the rest
- Refuse to be ordinary – discover how to be extraordinary

Interviewing and the Job Process

36 minutes
- Be the first one to find out about open Graduate Assistant jobs
- Discover how to get the interview and the job
- Master the preparation of references to get you the job

Goal Setting

33 minutes
- Learn how to make a short and long range plan for success
- Create action steps to fuel your search daily
- Discover how the Slight Edge will make you stand out to head coaches

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